BioAmp is developing rapid diagnostics to counteract antibiotic resistance and empower physicians to treat patients with the right antibiotic at the right time.



Antibiotic resistance is a global issue. Due to the increasing prevalence of antibiotic-resistant bacteria, an increasing number of patients will suffer from antibiotic-resistant infections.

Unfortunately, medical providers do not currently have rapid diagnostic tests that will help them know if a patient will respond to a specific antibiotic treatment option. This forces medical providers to treat infections first, then wait several days for standard laboratory test results that determine which antibiotics were appropriate for treatment. This approach can lead to treatment failure and worsening infection, increasing the cost of care and fueling the antibiotic resistance crisis.

OUR Solution

BioAmp is developing point-of-care diagnostic tests that provide medical personnel with actionable results to direct the appropriate use of antibiotics. BioAmp utilizes a patented amplification technology to enable detection of low-abundance resistance biomarkers directly in patient samples.



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