Actionable results before antibiotic prescribing 


Improving patient care and fighting the rise of antibiotic-resistant bacteria through innovation in diagnostic testing


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Due to the increasing prevalence of antibiotic-resistant bacteria, an increasing number of patients will suffer from antibiotic-resistant infections. Unfortunately, medical providers do not currently have rapid diagnostic tests that will help them know if a patient will respond to a specific antibiotic treatment option. This forces medical providers to treat infections first, then wait several days for standard laboratory test results that determine which antibiotics were appropriate for treatment.

Impact: Increased risk of treatment failure and worsening infection, increased healthcare-associated costs, and increasing prevalence of antibiotic resistance. 



 BioAmp is developing point-of-care diagnostic tests that provide medical personnel with actionable results to direct the appropriate use of antibiotics. BioAmp utilizes a patented amplification technology to enable detection of low-abundance resistance biomarkers directly in patient samples.